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The world is changing. Individuals, our congregations, and our families need help facing new challenges. At the very time Christians are making faithful decisions and seek aid in guiding choppy waters, the church is embroiled in controversy.

 Scripturalholiness.faith is a resource for people who want to be faithful to scripture while, also, becoming the most Christ-like Christians possible.  This resource is for people who feel bombarded by the changes in culture and torn by the strain that the church is experiencing between the two extremes of conservative and progressive faith. Figuring out what to believe and what to do—after much of the church has generally ignored this controversial subject for years—requires thoughtfulness, faithfulness, and prayer. 

What we offer here is not intended to be definitive nor exhaustive, but a start. It is our hope that what you find will provide clarity and offer some guidance.

This page has been compiled by members of Sacred Witness WNC. Sacred Witness WNC is a grassroots movement of sacred witness in the Western NC Conference of The United Methodist Church working towards a fully inclusive future. To learn more about Sacred Witness WNC, just click the button.


Common questions about LGBTQ+ inclusion in the UMC


What is different now?

In recent years, we have had a basic “Traditional Plan” (prohibition on gay marriage and ordination) as polity in the UMC. What’s different now?


God is up to something - Part 1

Reading the Bible while considering our experience, this article deals with how taking the Bible seriously sometimes means questioning what we thought the Bible meant.

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Controversies in American Methodism

This is not the first time there have been controversies in American Methodism. Here are some of the controversies in our past and how we have handled them.


The Wesleyan Way

What does it mean to be Wesleyan? How do we know what is consistent with the Wesleyan way?

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A Welcoming Church?

What does it mean to say you are welcome here and to welcome people into our churches?


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