Why Scriptural Holiness?

This is a resource for people part of the Christian faith tradition known as Wesleyan.  Scriptural holiness is central to Methodism’s founders, John and Charles Wesley.  The Wesleyan tradition is defined by commitments like fidelity to scripture, continual self-examination, a desire to grow in holiness, and a passion to connect a personal faith to social transformation.  These are the key tenets to the Christian faith called Methodist.  Individual freedom (and the responsibility) to think and study and discern takes place in a context of a common life of believers. Individual study and prayer brings strength to John Wesley’s important concept of “holy conversations” and how interactions with others is indispensable in helping us grow.

Right now, the controversies over homosexuality and the church have become more of a single-issue litmus test, overshadowing the broad themes of scripture and the overall theology of the Methodist faith. is an invitation to think, to learn, to grow, to gain perspective.  It is an impassioned urging toward living with a holiness of heart and life that is not taken alone but with others.

What Is ScripturalHoliness.Faith?

The idea of was born at a gathering of Sacred Witness WNC after the 2019 General Conference.  People from across Western North Carolina identified a pressing need for people to have access to background, biblical resources, personal stories, and church history that would help us think through the controversies and complexities of understanding homosexuality better in light of the Wesleyan passion to seek all to be included in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

This website has been developed wholly by persons from the Western North Carolina Annual Conference, pastors and laity who have grown up in United Methodist Churches, sat in our pews, sung the hymns of our faith, and been baptized, confirmed, commissioned and ordained in the United Methodist tradition. 

The offerings on the website all fall under the basic Methodist desire faithfully to reach all with the love of Christ.  This is a resource that is unaffiliated with any organized caucus group. While not affiliated, Sacred Witness WNC is a grassroots, WNC group dedicated to advocacy for full inclusion for all persons at every level within the UMC.  We hope this resource will aid our conversations and make us better informed when drawing our own conclusions.  From here, you may find yourself more certain in your convictions or open to new possibilities. Our hope is that, wherever you land, you will be enriched and more faithfully-formed by what you read here.