God’s Story Told in Us

We all have stories to share. Some of our Stories are Uplifting. Some Playful. Some Profound. Some Heart-wrenching. All Those told here Are by Brothers and Sisters from WNC. All are sincere reflections of God’s people wrestling with what it means to have our stories merge with god’s story so that the world might catch a glimpse of God’s Heart and our souls. Read gently. This is holy ground.

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Shannon’s Story

I grew up in a family that valued church for relationships, for kinship, and for community. I was baptized at eight years old. At that point I demanded to join the church. My pastor informed me that boys and girls in 6th grade joined after confirmation class. I informed him that God's call was urgent, and I would be joining the church. He shook his head, but relented. I joined the church at eight.

Now at 47, I feel untethered. After the UMC voted for the Traditional Plan, I renounced my UMC membership. I am untethered, and I’m the mother of a transgender son.

August is 15. He’s brilliant, articulate, kind, and wise. August is just the kind of person who could show God's love to the world. He chooses, however, to show his own love. The church decided that August’s love, however deep and pure, is not good enough—because it comes from a person whose biological sex does not match his gender.

How could the church that taught me to love as Jesus loves, not love my son; not condone the love I have for my son? It’s not for me to understand, not for me to say.

What I can say is that I love August, and God loves August, and that what the church has to say on this matter is not at all final.

Share Your Story

Please Tell us your story. Keep it Concise and keep it ANONYMOUS, if you wish. Let us know if we might share your Story with Others. Hearing others’ Stories is connecting and transforming. Thank you for trusting us with yours.